TurmiPure Gold

TurmiPure Gold

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TurmiPure Gold® is a patented form of turmeric extract that's clinically studied to be 24x better absorbed than other formulas and extracts.*
  • Just One Small, Easy-To-Swallow Capsule (300mg) Per Day
  • Supports Joint Health & Inflammatory Response*
  • No Black Pepper Or Meal Needed for Maximum Absorption*
  • Made in California; No Artificial Fillers Or Binders
Helps Support:
  • Joint Health*
  • Inflammatory Response*
  • Antioxidant Activity*
  • Heart Health*
  • Cognitive Function*
Take 1 capsule daily with water, or as directed by a healthcare professional.

Each bottle of 30 vegetarian capsules is a 30 day supply.
TurmiPure Gold®

Other Ingredients:
Organic Capsule (Plant Cellulose), Organic Rice Hull

Does Not Contain:
Sugar, artificial ingredients, stearates, sulphates, preservatives, soy, gluten, nuts, milk or dairy, seafood or shellfish, eggs
Supplement Facts
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TurmiPure Gold
TurmiPure Gold

TurmiPure Gold


TurmiPure Gold® is a patented form of turmeric extract that's clinically studied to be 24x better absorbed than other formulas and extracts

  • Just One Small, Easy-To-Swallow Capsule (300mg) Per Day
  • Provides Joint Pain Relief & Anti-Inflammatory Response
  • Antioxidant Powerhouse For Immune System & Heart Health
  • No Black Pepper Or Meal Needed - No Artificial Fillers Or Binders
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Lab Tested

NSF-Audited Facility

Made In USA

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TurmiPure Gold is a patented turmeric curcumin extract that is specially formulated to be highly absorbable and bioavailable, allowing for a small dosage to pack significant benefits

TurmiPure Gold® Is Proven Effective

Clinical Trial NCT03621865: More curcuminoids were measured in the bloodstream after 24hrs than much larger servings of other popular formulas: Meriva®, C3 Complex®, or NovaSOL® (-The Journal of Nutrition)

Small, Efficient Dose of Curcumin

Due to the unique properties of TurmiPure, a single 300mg capsule replaces the large, 1000s of mg, multi-capsule serving sizes required by other brands, making it much easier to swallow

Made With The Highest Standards

Turmeric, as a root plant, is susceptible to leeching contaminants from the ground. BioEmblem guarantees safety and purity through comprehensive heavy metal and microbiological lab testing


Improved Movement

Turmeric curcumin has a long history of being one of the most clinically tested supplements in the world due to it's anti-inflammatory properties promoting joint health and mobility.*

Powerful Antioxidants

Curcuminoids are antioxidants and have molecular structures that are responsible for their free radical scavenging activity. These promote healthy aging and immune systems.*

Heart & Brain Health

By helping the body with proper inflammatory responses, curcumin also supports the cardiovascular, pulmonary, and neurological systems -- heart, blood, and brain health.*


I noticed a major improvement in being able to fall asleep faster and actually stay asleep.


It helps my sleep, my digestive system, and I feel more relaxed. I'm sold on this triple blend!


I take this at night to help ward off migraines. I haven’t had any excruciating ones since starting this!