Quality Ingredients



Clean, natural ingredients are the foundation of BioEmblem's Products: To maintain our high standards, we screen suppliers and test ingredients above and beyond what the FDA requires. Our manufacturing facilities are audited by 3rd parties to ensure only the purest of ingredients make it into the bottle in absolutely pristine conditions.


Organic Foods: Organic plants and animals are not grown with pesticides, chemical fertilizers, or antibiotics. They are not irradiated and are non-GMO. Organic farming helps support traditional communities, environmental concerns, and socially-conscious use of land and animals.

Non-GMO: Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are most commonly engineered to resist herbicides and/or contain insecticides. In practice, this means they may be sprayed with more chemicals than non-GMOs, and may contain toxic proteins designed to kill pests. Studies have shown potentially adverse effects on humans who ingest these elements, but the FDA does not mandate safety testing of GMOs before they are marketed and grown.

Whole Food Sources: The vast majority of vitamins and supplements are artificially created in industrial processes. But whole food supplements are sourced from plants and animals that are minimally processed to safeguard their nutritional value. Studies have shown many natural nutrients have better absorption into the body than synthetic versions.